The Ultimate Lighting Guide: How To Choose A Chandelier

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A chandelier will make your space look more luxurious. A chandelier can define and complete your space, and make a unique style statement. Chandeliers can be both elegant and functional. Do you love chandeliers but aren’t sure which one to choose for your home? For more styling tips, check out our Ultimate Style Guide!

Different types of chandeliers

You must choose the right chandelier for your home. Unfortunately, chandeliers are not cheap and should be durable. You should choose something that suits your decor and speaks to you.

  • Illuminated Glass Globes For modern decor, choose a simple, but elegant piece, such as this cluster of brilliantly illuminated glass globes.
  • Crystal Chandeliers If classic is your style, this elegant crystal beauty will not disappoint!
  • Stairwell This beautiful vertical piece would look amazing in a space with double height, just like your stairwell shaft.

 and if you have a modern, youthful decor, a lighting grid that includes a group of lights such as this one would be a great fit!

Chandeliers Space Considerations

Chandeliers demand attention. Chandeliers demand attention. A piece too big for your space will make it appear crowded. One that is too small will be ignored. This is how you can make your decision.

Chandeliers Diameter:

You should measure the room’s length and width in feet. Then convert that number into inches to find the right diameter. Assuming your room measures 11 by 14 feet in size, your chandelier should measure 25 inches.

Chandelier Height:

The larger the circle of light that is cast onto the floor by the chandelier the higher it is. The pool of light cast by the chandelier will also be smaller and more brighter if it is lower than the ceiling. The average apartment has a ceiling height of 9-10 feet. If you choose to have a false ceiling, this distance will decrease even more. If your ceiling height is between 11 and 12 feet, you should only choose a tall chandelier. For a low ceiling, a compact style that is not vertical is required.

Important note: How furniture is placed below the chandelier will also affect the height of the chandelier. You will not be able to bump your head against the lamps if there is enough space beneath it. If it is located above a central table in your living room or hung above the dining tables, you can get as low as 6 to 7, or so, from the ground.

You may be in love with a piece of jewelry, but if it isn’t within these dimensions and space considerations, you should continue looking.

Design Considerations For Chandeliers

Chandelier: Uplights or Downlights

If the chandelier’s lights face up, it will produce soft ambient light that bounces off the ceiling but does not cast shadows.

If the lights are pointed downward, however, the individual pools of light and shadow will be reflected on the floor, creating an interesting composition. The circle of light below will appear more consistent and even if there are more lights.

Which lamps are best for Chandelier use?

LED lights are the most efficient option for saving energy. If you’re looking to go green, then choose a chandelier with LEDs. Modern down lights can be paired with Edison lamps. The tungsten filament glows orange through the glass of the lamp, making them look modern.

The traditional bulbs were incandescent. These bulbs are inexpensive, but they can use a lot of electricity. If you plan on turning the chandelier on for a long time, these lamps will burn a hole into your pocket. These options should be checked at the time you purchase your chandelier. Some styles are only compatible with certain types of bulbs.

What is the purpose of crystal chandeliers?

Crystal chandeliers have small beads or prisms made of crystal glass, which are attached to the central lamp or lamps. The beads scatter light in different directions and refract it, creating a stunning, sparkling centerpiece for your room. Swarovski crystals are the most expensive crystal chandeliers. They are made with Swarovski crystals that have been encapsulated in lead and then cut to perfection. This gives them a brilliant sparkle. These chandeliers are often highly valued family heirlooms and are passed down generation after generation.

Do you think it is possible to make a DIY chandelier?

You can, of course! To hold the fairy lights in place, use old mason jars. The jars can be suspended at different heights from a rustic wooden frame, which you attach to the ceiling. This chandelier can transform any room into a magical, unique and beautiful piece of art!

How do you clean a chandelier the best?

Crystal chandeliers need to be cleaned at minimum once per year in order to keep their sparkle. Professional cleaners are best as intricately designed pieces might need to be taken apart for cleaning and then rehung. It is possible that someone unfamiliar with the design might not be able put it back in the same way.

You can also clean it in its entirety. This is possible in small sections. Use a mixture of one part alcohol and four parts water (distilled water is the best), then wipe it clean with a soft, lint free microfiber cloth. Avoid using cleaning products that contain ammonia, as metal parts can be damaged.

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