Decorate with Metallics to Get that Luxe Sheen

August 5, 2022 by No Comments

metallic accents are a great way to transform your home. Metallic accents in bright colours like burnished bronze and fiery copper, as well as glittering gold, sparkling silver, and even golden yellow are all on the rise. No matter what decor theme you choose or the colour scheme you prefer, metallic elements will make your spaces stand out.

Here are some stylish and simple ways to give your home an elegant feel.

Metallics in Your Bedroom

A great way to add glam to your bedroom decor is to use metallic details in the bedding and lighting fixtures. These bedrooms show how gold, silver, and copper can add luxury sophistication to black and white.

Black metal can be used to add a metallic look to your home, even if you don’t like shiny bling. Black metal is equally versatile and can be used in traditional or modern decor.

You are looking for subtle style? It’s hard to find a better metallic than gold for subtle style. It works well even in very small quantities. A single accessory can transform a space into something beautiful, such as this white-on-white bedroom.

You can go extravagant and make it look like a King Midas. This room offers luxurious living at its best, from the gilded sofa to your bedlinen and wallpaper to your drapes.

This bed is a masterpiece of craftsmanship wrapped in gold. To give your room a cohesive design, add a few gold accents to the artwork or other areas.

This bedroom features a black metal world map above the headboard. Black metal wall lamps complement the theme.

This bedroom is alive with abstract artwork in brushed stainless steel, which is on-trend. The pillows’ curvilinear design echoes the curls and whorls, adding cohesion to the design. The soft pink satin sheets glow in the sunlight, adding an air of luxury and understated elegance.

Add sparkle to your home with mirrors

Mirrors can be a powerful tool for interior designers. They add an extra wow factor to any space. You can use them to create visually rich spaces and increase depth. They look even better when mounted on beautiful metallic frames.

An elegant octagonal mirror in beaten brass frames this foyer’s brass vases and metal sculptures. The sleek metallic frames that surround paintings with gold foil add an extra touch of class.

The living room’s round mirror, which is above a console unit, has golden spokes that match beautifully with the white decor. The goblet with silver stone-encrusted accents adds sparkle and visual interest.

Glam Up Your Kitchen

Infusing your kitchen with warm metallic tones is a great way to increase the glamour factor. Copper and brass vessels are well-known for their ability to flavor food with essential minerals. Hang metal ladles and pans instead of hiding them behind closed shutters to give your kitchen an old-world rustic feel.

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