Boho-style Home Decor

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Although the minimalistic Scandinavian design and clean lines of modern home decor seem appealing, they can sometimes lose the warmth of the old-school charm. Some people find it cold, harsh and distant. If this is you, the bohemian home decor style will appeal to you on an emotional level.

Boho style is easy to wear, versatile, and super comfortable. These are 10 tips that will help you achieve the perfect boho look.

Get wild with colours.

Bohemian style is synonymous with vibrance, colour, and vitality. Decorators tend to choose earthy and natural colours such as beige, cerulean, jade, and other warm colours. They often combine these traditional colours with shocking contrasts like steel grey, saturated mauve and fiery orange. Metallic shades will occasionally make an appearance. Boho styles are distinguished by their use of colours. Let your imagination run wild, as the colours are what define boho style.

Boho = Colours + Patterns

Although colour is an essential component of the boho style, patterns can be used to enhance their beauty. The boho style is whimsical, or should we say “boho”, just as contrasting colours can create dramatic effects. The layering of colours and patterns (and even texture) gives it a more whimsical feel. Add paisleys, flowers, geometric and other natural patterns to bring out the beauty and tie the design together.

Be One with Nature

Boho chic is influenced a lot by Nature and its elements. This goes beyond the colour scheme, patterns, or finishing. You can wallpaper with botanical prints, fabrics with floral motifs or wooden furniture to give your room a rustic feel. Nothing beats the authentic boho look of real plants. You can live the boho lifestyle by bringing home a few low-maintenance indoor plants.

Assimilate Cultures

The Boho style is heavily influenced by culture and the natural world. You can incorporate various cultural tokens into your bohemian home decor in many ways. Everything is possible when decorating your home. You could also display local culturally rich accents like artworks and souvenirs. You can find them at local thrift shops or flea markets.

You can make space for low-level seating.

Boho style is the perfect way to make your dream of owning a baithak at home a reality. Bohemian philosophy is all based on relaxing and enjoying life. What better way to relax than with informal, low-level, comfortable seating? Bean bags, pouffes, ottomans, and other floor beds are all options. You might also like it. You can also throw away everything and lay a cosy rug or carpet with cushions and pillows on the floor.

Designate a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall makes a bold statement in a boho house. The gallery wall is the centrepiece of your living space and makes a statement in tasteful ways. You can combine a variety of photos, posters, artwork prints, mirrors and tapestries. You can experiment with the sizes, shapes, and colours. Some items can be stuck directly to the wall without the frame. If you have shelves, you can also display your bohemian collection, including small plants and figurines. You can put anything.

Layered lights

Bohemian homes are whimsical and fairytale-like. This is possible by using a mixture of lights from different sources. You can experiment with different colours of light to see how they react if you are brave enough. You can also use string lights, lanterns, strings, or candles to light up your home and primary lighting sources. Mix and match are key to boho style. So, go crazy!

Sensual Smells

Scented candles are a great way to enhance the beauty of your Bohemian home. Scents are a key factor in the overall impact of your home. This is a subjective decision that can be difficult to make. One person’s favourite scent could cause headaches for another. The natural scents of essential oils, candles, potpourri, incense sticks and aromatic candles are enough to set the mood but not overwhelm your senses. Sometimes, the aroma of freshly prepared food can give your home a boho vibe.

Swing at a Swing

Swings are not something you should dismiss as childish or impractical. You can add a boho feel to your home with hanging beds, macrame hammocks, cocoon swing chairs, rattan swing sans or solid wood swings with shaggy cushioned cushions. If you have the space, you’ll love it.

Could you keep it simple, keep it silly?

Boho-style decor doesn’t require you to be too creative or hard to achieve the right look. The boho-style decor is about being yourself and making your home comfortable and casual. Its orchestrated “messiness” is what makes it so accessible. It won’t cost you a fortune or stress you about tidying up. Just go with the flow, bohemian style.


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