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Ever wonder how crystal chandeliers are made? To create crystal chandeliers it takes a village. Each step of the process is crucial and requires special skills. We will provide some insight into the manufacturing process of crystal chandeliers.

STEP 1 – Design

Design is the key to creating quality products. This is an essential part of the manufacturing process for chandeliers. Experts design AllSOFARY’s crystal lighting fixtures with many years of experience in chandelier design. Professional designers will create functional lighting designs from sketches and mock-ups. Each product is carefully shaped, sculpted, and tested at the micron level by engineers.

Our advantage is our flexibility when it comes to customized design. You can control how your chandelier will look with SOFARY.

STEP 2 – Manufacture the Base

The base material plays a crucial role in the quality of a chandelier. The base is made from 1mm stainless steel. It can be cut using a micron-scale laser cutting machine to create various shapes.

We use polishing machines to give the steel panels a smooth finish. Each chandelier’s base is fitted with venting holes to allow heat to escape during long-term use.

The base of a chandelier allows for electrical mounting and connection. Once the base is completed, skilled technicians wire the chandelier and fit it with the hardware components. These processes must be carefully monitored and controlled to achieve the desired performance.

ETL-certified wiring and components are used in all of our chandeliers. We use only high-quality materials to ensure that the chandelier is safe and stable throughout its lifetime. Extensive testing is required to make fixtures work and be energy-efficient. After the parts have been completed, 15 quality inspections are performed to ensure they are safe, stable, and reliable.

STEP 3: Chain the Crystals

Crystal is the heart of a crystal chandelier. Our crystal chandeliers are made from high-quality K9 Crystal to ensure they shine and sparkle under the light of the lamps. K9 crystal is a great choice for high-end chandeliers due to its excellent light transmittance, reflection effect, hardness and texture, and durability.

All crystal strings are handcrafted because of the variety of crystal chandelier designs and their intricate shapes. All employees are rigorously trained to ensure that no errors occur in the production process. The crystal string production workshop is clean. The crystal strings will be sealed after they are completed. This will ensure that the crystal arrives in perfect condition.

STEP 4: Packaging

Our dedicated packaging team packs the final products. Once the production of crystal strings is complete, we match them with the appropriate chandelier base and accessories and pack them in specially designed foam-protected boxes. The quality control team will inspect the products before packing and organizing the shipment.

Packaging is important because it ensures safe delivery and makes the first impression. High-density foam is used to protect the crystal ball. Good layout design within the box can also reduce the size of the box, which can be good for the environment and reduce logistics costs. One of our low-cost management strategies is to reduce costs while maintaining product quality.

STEP 5: Shipping

Our warehouse management staff will organize and label the products so they can be shipped to the shipping agents as quickly as possible.

These are the manufacturing processes for our crystal chandelier products. We will continue to dedicate our passion for quality and strive for excellence in all aspects of SOFARY products.

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