How to Hang a Dining Room Candle at the Right Height

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The dining room chandelier or other hanging fixture hangs traditionally above the dining table. It is the centrepiece of the room’s design. The chandelier’s height is crucial for its purpose as a light fixture and its importance in the overall decor. This may sound not very easy, but it is not. You can start with the recommended height and then make some adjustments. It is impossible to go wrong. You have done it right if you love how it looks and how the lighting works.

Recommendation for Standard Height

Hanging dining room chandeliers should be between 30 and 36 inches above your dining table. This assumes that you have an 8-foot ceiling. For ceilings that are higher than 8 feet, raising your chandelier 3 inches per foot is recommended. If your ceiling is 10 feet high, your chandelier might be 6 inches higher than if you have an 8-foot ceiling.

The average recommendation is, naturally, a range. But before you decide on a height, consider the space size and table size and the projected light from the fixture.

Adjusting the Room Size

Designers argue that the ceiling height should not be the determining factor in deciding the height of the chandelier. This is logical, considering that the primary function of the fixture’s lamp is to illuminate the table. Why adjust for the room’s ceiling height? The other primary role of a chandelier is to be a design element. The next question is how the fixture will look best in the room.

This question can be answered by looking at how the chandelier appears when you’re seated at the dining room table. But, it also looks when you enter the space or sit somewhere else, such as in a chair far away. Consider how the chandelier appears from all angles if the dining room is part of an open plan.

The style and dimension of the chandelier can also impact the height at which it should be hung. You might hang a chandelier with a large visual area, such as a huge chandelier, a few inches higher than the recommended height.

Adjusting the Table Size

For dining room chandeliers, the industry standard is to size them at one-half to two-thirds of the table’s width. Smaller diameter than the table width is another way to size a fixture. If the table measures 42 inches in width, the chandelier should not be larger than 30 inches.

This helps to keep the chandelier and table in the right proportions. It also prevents people from bumping their heads as they move around the table. To avoid collisions, if your chandelier is too large for your table, it might be a good idea to hang it higher than normal. A series of smaller hanging fixtures such as pendant lights might be better than one chandelier if your table is very small or narrow.

The Right Way to Get the Light

It is easy to forget why a chandelier was purchased: to illuminate the table. Because each light is unique, there isn’t a standard decorating style or industry. Many factors affect how the light hits the table, such as the design of the fixture, the bulbs used, and the height of your fixture.

It is best to place the fixture above the table and plug it in. This will allow you to test the fixture under all lighting conditions, day and night. You can also assess the height of the chandelier for practical and decorative purposes.


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