Light up the Night With Outdoor Torches

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Outdoor torches can make your garden more festive this summer. A flickering flame is both exciting and comforting. When used with citronella, fuel-lit torches can provide ambient lighting and protection against mosquitoes and other nighttime pests. They are a great way to spice up your summer barbecues or dinner parties. These units should be handled with care, just like any other open flame or fire, so you need to be careful when installing, using, and storing them.


Outdoor torches can be used to illuminate patios, walkways and decks that you will be entertaining. Space them evenly, spacing them about 6-8 feet apart. This allows people to move around the area without fear of setting themselves ablaze.

Place torches at least 6 feet away from any structure or house. Avoid placing torches under trees or on overhangs. They could easily catch fire and burn wood siding or leaves.

Push the spiked end of your torch 6-8 inches into the ground to ensure it is stable. For extra stability, you can use a torch stake to support your torch. For weatherproof torches that have removable heads and can be permanently placed, you can dig holes in each unit, then backfill them with cement once they are set.

How to fill an outdoor torch

You can refill most outdoor torches by taking off the wick ring. First, ensure that your torch is cool. Next, turn the wick’s ring around until it pops out. Use a funnel made of metal or plastic to pour the fuel into your vessel. Fill it about two-thirds full. Secure the ring and replace the wick. Cap the fuel bottle immediately and keep it cool.

You can soak up any spillages on your patio or garage with cat litter. Next, use a commercial cleaner to remove the grease and oil. Depending on the area, you can dry the affected area by opening windows and doors.


The wick ring of most torches comes with a snuffer cap. This serves two purposes: it protects the wick and acts as an extinguisher. Place the snuffer caps over the torch to extinguish it. It should be left in place until the flame goes out. Then, remove the cap to let the wicked cool completely. Once the wick is cool, you can replace the snuffer caps to protect it from the elements.

Storing the fuel and torch

Take care when cleaning out your torches and storing them for future use. The fuel can be left inside the torches. However, they should be stored upright and securely so that they don’t tip over. Keep them out of direct flames and in cool places. If you intend to keep them outdoors or in an uninsulated shed, ensure that the temperature is not too cold.


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