Find the Right Lights for Your Wall Art

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Your taste and interests will be reflected in the art you choose to hang up on your walls. They can be originals of high quality, or work by a struggling artist, or prints or photographs. These pieces will add character to your home and make it more interesting.

These works are lit by the sun, which creates beautiful light. But, when the sun sets below the horizon, great picture lighting brings these pieces to life and adds an entirely new dimension to your home.

There are four main ways to light hanging art. Picture lights can be attached to frames, track lighting or recessed lighting. Regular interior lighting is pretty self-explanatory–placement is the main issue to consider.

Picture lights

The picture lights attached to the frame give the work the best light and make it a focal point. Picture lights are available in many lengths and metallic finishes. Picture lights also have a secondary benefit: They can light up art in dark hallways and provide ambient lighting. The lights and art brighten the night.

Measure the width of your frame to determine the size of light you need to illuminate your artwork. Then, follow these steps to find the length.

  • A 4 1/2-inch light is recommended for a frame measuring 8-14 inches in width.
  • A 5 1/2-inch light is recommended for a frame measuring 12-18 inches in width.
  • A 7- to 9 inch light is recommended for a 16-24 inch wide frame.
  • A 14 1/2-to 16-inch light is recommended for a frame measuring 25-37 inches in width.
  • A 30-inch light is recommended for frames larger than 35 inches in width.

Track Lights and Recessed Ceiling Lighting

Track lighting lets you control the direction of the light and can light up multiple works or the entire room. Track lighting is a great way of lighting a gallery of works. You can easily change the direction by switching off the works displayed, and track lighting is easy to install.

Recessed ceiling lighting offers many of the same benefits and advantages as track lighting but is more complicated and costly to install.

Prevention of Damage

No matter what type of lighting you use, it is important to remember that heat and light can cause damage to original art. You don’t have to worry if your prints or photos are mounted under glass. It would help if you used LEDs instead of UV bulbs and halogen lamps with UV filters.

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