Bedroom Lighting Guide

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The darker the bedroom, the better. But what about other hours you spend in it? A bedroom can be busy even during the day. It is used for everything: getting ready to bed, dressing up, reading, relaxing and romance. These activities require a well-lit bedroom with multiple light sources from the ceiling to the bedside.

Flush-Mount Ceiling Fixtures

Flush-mount fixtures are the most popular source of overhead bedroom lighting. They sit directly against the ceiling and typically have a light bulb covered in a plastic or decorative glass cover. This may be enough overhead lighting for a bedroom of small to medium size. It would help if you chose fixtures that match your bedroom’s decor. Many flush-mount fixtures are simple. But there are also options with more style. There are many options: metal or painted trim, molded glasses, and unusual shapes.


  • This is the best option for ceilings less than 9 feet.
  • Covered bottoms are best to prevent glare from your bed. You’ll end up looking at a bright light bulb.
  • For bedrooms, marbled or frosted fixtures work best. Clear fixtures can be too bright.
  • The remote control allows you to turn the light off from your bed without having to get up.

Semi-Flush-Mount Ceiling Fixtures

Semi-flush mount fixtures are another popular choice for bedroom lighting. They look similar to flush-mounts but drop down a few inches using a shorter rod. A decorative medallion is often placed around the ceiling’s base to accent the fixture. This lighting category offers the most variety of styles and designs, but some are better suited for other rooms. Clear glass, shiny, and open-bottomed fixtures are great choices for the living room or foyer, but they’re too bright for bedrooms.


  • If your bedroom ceiling is more than 10 feet high, this is an excellent choice.
  • Make sure that the light fixture’s dimensions are proportional to the bedroom. In a large room, choose a large fixture. A simple, smaller fixture is better for a bedroom with a small space.
  • Remote control or dimmer is a great feature.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are suspended from the ceiling using a chain or long rod. This versatile and trendy type of light fixture is a great addition to any bedroom.


  • The best pendant lighting for bedrooms with high ceilings is 10 feet or higher.
  • Pendant lights can be used as bedside lighting by being dropped over nightstands. You should leave at least 12 inches between the nightstands and the base of the pendant.
  • Hang pendants to provide general lighting in your room. Position them towards the middle of the room, near the bottom of the bed.
  • Pendants are best hung over beds or other furniture in the bedroom than hungover walkways.
  • Clear glass and open designs can be too bright for comfort in the bedroom.


Chandeliers are the most formal type of ceiling fixture. They add elegance, drama, and glamour to any room. While the most formal and large chandeliers are best placed in other house rooms, smaller fixtures can be used in bedrooms with many different styles, including cottage, Tuscan, art-deco, romantic, and traditional. A minimalist design will make a modern or minimalist bedroom shine.


  • A chandelier requires high ceilings.
  • It is difficult to hang a chandelier in a bedroom. Although you don’t want a large chandelier in your bedroom, hanging it lower than the rest is advisable. For a smaller bedroom, the chandelier should not exceed 20 inches in diameter. For a larger bedroom, the chandelier should not exceed 30 inches in diameter.
  • There are many options for chandeliers. They can provide varying levels of light intensity. You want a diffuse, moderately-lit chandelier for your bedroom.
  • A chandelier should not be hung directly above your bed’s head. Instead, please place it in the middle of the room and at the bottom of your bed.
  • A chandelier can be used to create a defined space in a bedroom with a sitting area.

Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan is the best way to cool off on a summer night. Sometimes the cool breeze is enough to turn off the air conditioner. Although not every ceiling fan comes with an attached light kit, you will need one for your bedroom. Designs with many “candles” or cups work best in the dining and living areas. In the bedroom, opt for a fixture with bowl-covered bulbs.


  • Ceiling fans come in various styles, including semi-flush-mount, flush-mount and dropped to a few feet. However, they are not recommended for bedrooms with low ceilings.
  • For bedrooms, you should choose from white or frosted opaque glass.
  • Ceiling fans are usually rustic or casual in style, but many modern, sleek designs suit the contemporary decor.
  • Remote control is essential for a bedroom ceiling fan.

Recessed Lighting

Although recessed lights are often thought of as downlights, can lights or pot lights, they can also be used in the bedroom. Recessed lights can be used in conjunction with other ceiling fixtures, especially if the room is large. Recessed lights work well with any ceiling height and create the illusion that the ceiling is higher than it is.


  • In an average-sized bedroom, your lights should be spaced between three and five feet. Bedrooms usually have four to eight lights.
  • The lights should be placed around the room’s perimeter. You may need another row if you have a large space.
  • For recessed lighting in the bedrooms, a dimmer is essential.
  • Recessed lights can be used to create a reading or sitting area.
  • Recessed lights make the best choice in a large or walk-in closet.

Track Lighting

Track lights are spotlights that attach to metal tracks on ceilings or walls. They are used to highlight artwork or accents and not for general lighting. Although it isn’t as common in bedrooms as other types of ceiling lights, it can be used to highlight an important feature in a large room or brighten the vanity or dressing area.


  • Track lighting is best used in a minimalist or contemporary bedroom with high ceilings.
  • There are many types of track heads available, including cans, pendants and traditional spotlights.
  • For large walk-in closets, track lighting is a great choice.

Wall Sconces

There are many styles of wall sconces to suit every style, from rustic country to sleek contemporary. Bedroom sconces can be placed on either side of the bed and are a great choice.


  • Wall sconces can be used in place of bedside lamps to save space and keep your room clean.
  • Swing arms that adjust make it easy to place the light exactly where you want it.
  • Your sconces should be placed close enough that they can reach the bed easily. This usually means they should be between four and six inches from the headboard and about two feet above the mattress. However, the exact position will depend on the style and personal preference.
  • Small shades and covers can protect your eyes from the glare, so they are best placed next to your bed.

Floor Lamps

A floor lamp is a great addition to any bedroom. As the name implies, these lamps are usually three to six feet high and sit on the ground. There are many styles available for floor lamps, which can be matched to any decor theme. You will need at least one-floor lamp in your bedroom if you don’t have ceiling lights. Two or more are needed in large rooms.


  • You can save space by using a floor lamp instead of a nightstand if the bed isn’t shared.
  • To illuminate your bedroom or reading area, use a floor lamp.
  • Floor lamps with adjustable heads allow you to direct light exactly where you need it.
  • A floor lamp can be used as a bedside lamp. Look for one that curves to direct the light downwards. You can use the lamp as an additional light source in your room by choosing an upward-facing bulb.

Bedside Lamps

A bedside lamp is essential in every bedroom. The most common type of bedside light is a table lamp. However, floor lamps, wall sconces and pendant lights are also options. While your bedside lamp should be functional, it shouldn’t detract from the beauty of your bedroom.


  • There are many options, and it’s impossible to settle for a boring or unattractive bedside lamp. You can jazz it up by adding a brightly colored or patterned lampshade and a lamp that is a little bolder.
  • A lamp that is at least two inches higher than your nightstand will make reading more comfortable. This will allow you to read comfortably while still keeping the light out of your eyes.
  • The lamp switch should be accessible without any discomfort or danger.
  • A lamp that is correctly scaled to the size of your nightstand will give you the best look.
  • Three-way bulbs allow you to easily brighten your bedside lamp for reading or dim it when it’s time to be romantic.

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