​10 Practical Tips for Decorating with a Chandelier

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Even for seasoned decorators, lighting your home can be a daunting task. There are so many options, and the space must match the decor. Let’s not forget about proper placement.

It can be helpful to provide a step-by-step guide for everything, from shopping to installation. These are 10 tips to decorate with a chandelier.

Begin by visiting websites and shops

It is important to consider all options when choosing a chandelier. Many lighting options are available today, but it is important to consider the space where the Chandelier will be hung. Are you looking for a classic space? It has Midcentury accents. Is it farmhouse-inspired? This will help you determine the style of the Chandelier that will best suit your style.

Start by looking at articles about the most popular chandeliers, or go to some of the most beloved lighting websites. Lighting Direct is a favourite among interior designers. Wayfair lets you shop by your preferred decor style. Lightology and Schoolhouse Electric are known for their ultra-modern pieces. Serena & Lily is known for creating chandeliers made from natural, bohemian-inspired materials. You can’t go wrong shopping at IKEA or World Market.

Also, check out local shops. You may be surprised at the variety of chandeliers available in big-box hardware stores. Flea markets, resale shops, and salvage yards are great places to look for unique vintage chandeliers. If the wiring is not working or seems old, take the item to a reputable lighting shop to replace it with current, safe wiring. Make sure to get UL-certified wiring if the Chandelier will be placed in a new home.

Select the Right Size Chandelier for Your Room

It can feel overwhelming if the Chandelier is too large for the space. Too small, it can feel overwhelming. It is one of those design elements where the proportion is key.

Although there are many ways to size a chandelier, experts agree that the formula will help you choose the right size. You can either do it yourself by adding the dimensions of your room in feet and then converting the result into inches. Or you can use an online calculator like this one from Lightology.

Complete the space with complementary colors and materials

A chandelier should be a natural extension of the decor in that room. Crystal chandeliers are the best choice, as they will not look out of place in Versailles’ halls.

Consider the colors and materials in your room when searching for a chandelier. Do you prefer dark or warm woods? Are you more inclined to use bright colors or a neutral palette? Are you able to mix metals, or do you prefer one metal in a room? These are some things to think about when you’re looking at metal, wood, crystal, or beaded chandeliers.

Decor Pieces should reflect the look of the Chandelier.

You can also create a room around the fixture if you like, especially if you love it. You can bring in dining chairs reminiscent of the same vintage-inspired, distressed wood used for your Chandelier. Brass touches can be added to a brass chandelier by adding decorative objects and candlesticks.

You don’t need to buy a crystal chandelier.

Crystal chandeliers can be beautiful, but they don’t have to be the only option. They offer more than crystal detailing if you are new to chandelier shopping. You can go dramatic with glass, shine metals, or bubble-like bulbs. These are all options that you will often see on Sputnik chandeliers. Chandeliers can now be made from natural materials such as rope, seashells and reclaimed wood. You can go minimalist by choosing simple chandeliers with small details like geometric designs or matte metal finishes.

Place a Chandelier at an Unexpected Place

While chandeliers are great in traditional spaces (dining rooms, entryways and primary bedrooms), they look fresh and original when hung in unconventional places. Your laundry room could use some style and luxury. Are you looking for a way to make your powder room stand out? A chandelier might be the perfect solution for your kitchen. Children’s rooms have become more popular with playful chandeliers. You can be bold about where your chandeliers are placed.

Make Vintage Treasures into Chandeliers

Vintage objects can double as lighting and make a great chandelier. Antique enthusiasts have transformed flea market finds into amazing pieces. Look out for large metal funnels and bohemian baskets at vintage shops or markets. Also, be on the lookout for rusted paint containers and other circular items. Next, take your find to a professional lighting shop to have it wired. This time, it will be UL-certified.

Hang the Chandelier correctly.

There are guidelines that you can follow depending on the location of your Chandelier. Experts agree that a chandelier should be placed 30 to 36 inches above the table when hanging above a dining area table. The rule of thumb is that the Chandelier should be higher than the ceiling. If necessary, chains can be extended or reduced as needed. The majority of professionals recommend that the Chandelier be no lower than 7 feet for an entryway.

Think about where you hang the Chandelier.

It doesn’t matter if you are a traditionalist or a fan of unconventional decor; a simple placement choice can tell. For example, if you prefer the traditional look and your space is filled with the same old-fashioned decor, place your Chandelier above the dining table. If you want to create a unique style, hang your Chandelier slightly off-center.

Your Chandelier should be the focal point of your room.

Chandeliers are a great focal point in any room. If the Chandelier has a lot of colors or is very ornate, this is a sure sign that it is a great focal point in a room. Avoid large ornamental pieces or furniture that grab attention in your space. Instead, let it shine in the spotlight.

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